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Leona Lewis collaborates with Body Shop

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Leona Lewis has teamed up with The Body Shop upon the latest line of cruelty-free products.

The British thespian has collaborated with the beauty code upon the limited-edition pick up of make-up as well as incense for spring.

The leader of the UK chronicle of The X Factor is an animal rights activist. This is what drew her to work with The Body Shop, which is well known for producing ethically-sourced as well as cruelty-free products.

“I’m ardent about beauty, as well as I’m all about animal rights as well as Community Fair Trade,” Leona suggested to WWD. “As the result, I’m unequivocally unwavering of where the products which you operate come from. The Body Shop sells cruelty-free, ethically sourced products containing extraordinary Community Fair Trade ingredients.”

Leona shot to celebrity after winning the being singing uncover in 2006.

She has given left upon to turn the world-wide success.

Leona hopes to operate her partnership with the bath as well as beauty association to lift recognition about contrast products upon animals.

The star will launch the debate in May to inspire The Body Shop’s business as well as her fans to pointer the apply to in await of Cruelty Free International’s pull for the tellurian anathema upon animal contrast for cosmetic purposes.

“The actuality is which there have been pick tests which have been distant some-more higher to contrast upon animals,” Leona stated. “It’s the cruel, barbarous as well as an nonessential process. This cruelty can finish if you verbalise out shrill sufficient as well as you titillate everybody to pointer this pledge.”

Leona’s line of make-up will launch in stores as well as online from the finish of March. The operation includes dual glisten palettes, 4 mouth glosses, the blusher brush as well as the white redolence fragrance. © Cover Media

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