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Help, we Can’t Stop Watching David Beckham Run Around Almost Naked In His H&M Bodywear Film

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David Beckham H&M

David Beckham. In zero yet undies. URMPH.
Photo: Courtesy of H&M

Listen, it’s a single thing to glance during David Beckham roughly exposed in a photo, yet it’s a total OTHER thing to watch him twerk his H&M Bodywear line in action. The severely important soccer player/model/Spice Girl father teamed up with Guy Richie to emanate a witty reduced movie in which David chases after automobile which rips a dress right off his chiseled, tattooed body. GULP. (Warning: It busted me. Like, in a most appropriate approach possible. My fingers have been so sleepy from clicking a “replay” symbol upon YouTube which they might have depressed off. In fact, I’m not even certain how I’m typing this right now? DO you HAVE PHANTOM LIMBS? IS THIS EVEN REAL?) But, let me at a back of up for a second—as you might remember, you slobbered over his moist entrance black as well as white debate photos scarcely a year ago, yet this time around David pronounced his debate is celebrating a “new operation of colors which relate a movement favourite thesis of a short, with dim navys, reds as well as application greens,” which fundamentally means: A.) This is in full color, as well as B.) David pretends he’s an movement favourite in it. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ME, Y’ALL.

Basically, a crux of a video is this: David gets sealed out of his house, as well as after he is disrobed (heh), he goes upon a furious crow follow to try as well as get his wardrobe back. In a meanwhile, his army tank tip additionally gets ripped RIGHT off him as he is jumping by a little well-pruned shrubbery, as well as even he jumps in to a pool during a single point, rising from it utterly soppy as well as (still) perfect. The prominence of a complete video, though, is which parsimonious (heh) shot of his at a back of when he picks a wedgie. (Sorry, I’m creepy.) But you consider I’ve pronounced enough—watch a video below, as well as let me know what you think!

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