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Madonna Bustier Auctioned For $72,000

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madonna bustier 1 Madonna Bustier Auctioned For $72,000

Madonna perfoming during Madison Square Garden upon her “Who’s That Girl” debate upon Jul 13, 1987.
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More mostly than not, a auction pieces which ring up a top cost have been those once owned or used by someone no longer living. When which chairman is ? la mode music history’s Queen of Pop as good as a object in subject is a iconic *achem* tasseled opening outfit from her Who’s That Girl tour, well… unnecessary to say, resources have been different. Originally estimated to hoard in between $6,000 as good as $8,000, Madonna’s gold-embellished bustier raked in a whopping $72,000.

Granted, it’s not a $1.8 million Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” jacket can exaggerate nor a cold $5.6 million of Marilyn Monroe’s Seven Year Itch dress, though for a swag of a LIVING LEGEND, that’s a flattering large cost tag. Not to mention, this thing is not usually barbarous in a own right, though which pointy-silhouetted bodice is THE DIRECT ANCESTOR of Madge’s memorable Blonde Ambition debate cone bra by Jean Paul Gaultier. Since Madonna’s no foreigner to a auction block, you can’t wait for to see how most a Queen of Reinvention’s alternative mythological ensembles (say, which “Like A Virgin” marriage skirt from a initial ever VMAs?) will sell for in years to come.

{via Huffington Post}

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