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Nicola Formichetti And Big Bang’s G-Dragon Collaborate For "I Am Mugler"

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Nicola Formichetti, G-Dragon

Nicola Formichetti as well as Big Bang’s G-Dragon.
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The a singular thing you can’t get sufficient of is how Nicola Formichetti commissions disdainful song for his shows with Mugler. It’s never predicted as well as a selections have run a progression from Lady Gaga to Azealia Banks to a mythological Japanese composer Ryuchi Sakamoto. Each time, it’s similar to a measure cracks open Nicola’s conduct to exhibit what he was meditative during a pregnancy of any pick up as well as it’s fascinating. So when “Nicopanda” shot me an email which he’d been operative with Korean megastar, Big Bang’s G-Dragon for his latest, you got unequivocally excited. It’s frequency headlines to unchanging readers of this site which K-pop is my jam.

When Nicola as well as you talked yesterday afternoon he was sleepy though energized. It was 10:00PM Paris time as well as he still had about 10 some-more dudes to fit prior to he could go home. That said, he wasn’t as well sleepy to give me a dip upon his “theme song” for a Mugler Fall/Winter 2013 Men’s collection. Despite Big Bang’s success, it’s G-Dragon’s work upon his own which Nicola privately responded to. “I wasn’t certain which Big Bang’s song was right,” says Formichetti. “It’s as well cocktail for what you longed for to do with a deteriorate though G-Dragon’s piece for one person career has a lot some-more rap, trance, a lot some-more techno.”

Behind The Scenes during Mugler.
Photo: Courtesy of Nichola Formichetti

The singular which would turn “I Am Mugler” came about in loyal Nicola fashion—over a internet. It’s frequency a warn if you cruise how he as well as Azealia met over Instagram. “You know how you do things,” he says. “It was a practical collaboration. G-Dragon as well as you have friends in usual as well as he’s similar to me—always roving similar to crazy—he was furloughed Middle East whilst you was in Italy so you emailed. He sent me a track, you worked upon it together as well as afterwards a latest lane came in. [At Mugler] you had it personification a total time to assistance us emanate a looks.”

Behind The Scenes during Mugler.
Photo: Courtesy of Nicola Formichetti

“I Am Mugler” facilities G-Dragon rapping as well as was dictated to element a clean, sci-fi mens looks which were desirous by Asia—Korea in particular. “Obviously, you didn’t do any normal Korean dress or anything,” says a beautiful director. “It’s some-more about a energy. Korean kids right right away have been so intrepid as well as adventurous as well as they emanate cold song as well as fashion. It’s an sparkling vibe.” From what we’ve seen from disdainful images backstage during a fitting, it translates in to permanent materials (neoprene as well as vinyl?), farfetched quarrelsome sum as well as silhouettes with outsized fastenings as well as a ubiquitous feel which any of these poetic immature lads could go rappelling down a side of a structure utterly comfortably.

Behind a Scenes during Mugler.
Photo: Courtesy of Nicola Formichetti

While a CFDA conform idol concedes which Tokyo is still de rigeur as a total transformation as well as which there have been clever European menswear tailoring elements throughout, there’s only something about a things entrance out of Seoul which tickles his fancy. And if you demeanour to G-Dragon’s photos online as well as his character in videos, you’ll commend which something illusory as well as latest is really starting on. The Mugler uncover will proceed during 5:00PM Paris time (noon ET) though they’ve only expelled a poetic video of a lead up to smooth your appetite. “I Am Mugler” will be accessible upon soundcloud tomorrow afternoon as well as as always, check Nicola Formichetti’s Tumblr, Twitter as well as IG feeds for updates.

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